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Receive Top Dollar For Your Oil and Gas Mineral and Royalty Interest!

Before you sell your interest to another company, please give us an opportunity to beat their offer. We are very competitive and are known for paying some of the highest prices in the industry for quality mineral and royalty interests.

Mineral and Royalty Closing Process

Once you decide to sell and we agree on a price, we will handle, AT NO COST TO YOU, all of the documentation required in order to make the ownership transfer, including, deed preparation, title work, tax office notification, oil company notification and any other necessary documents that may be necessary.

The process for closing can be fairly quick once you decide to sell and we agree on a price.  Following are the steps to closing the transaction:
  1. We will email, mail or fed ex you a Mineral and Royalty Conveyance covering the interest being sold.  All owners must sign the conveyance in the presence of a notary public.

  2. Next, we check the title on the property, which many times we can do online, to assure that you own clear title and that there are no liens, judgments or other title issues.  We also verify your ownership by looking at your check detail to verify the royalty decimal interest.  The title check can be done in as little as 1 day depending on the location of the property.

  3. Once the Mineral and Royalty Conveyance has been signed and the title has cleared we are ready to fund the transaction.  Funding can happen in many ways including the following:

    • Many times, if feasible, we meet in person to exchange a check or cashier’s check for the mineral and royalty conveyance.  

    • We may have your attorney act as an intermediary by holding the signed mineral and royalty conveyance in trust and receiving payment by us.  Once payment is received the attorney will forward the conveyance to us.

    • We may also have you fax us a copy of the signed mineral and royalty conveyance and, upon receipt, will wire the funds to your account at which time you must deliver the original signed conveyance to us via overnight mail or fed ex.

    • On some transactions, including our unsolicited offers, we will send a collection draft for the purchase price with the mineral and royalty conveyance.  The draft should be endorsed by you and deposited, along with the signed and notarized mineral and royalty conveyance, with the collections department at your bank to be sent through for collection.  Upon receipt of the draft by our bank we generally have 30 days to authorize payment on the draft.  This gives us time to check the title on the property and clear up any title issues that may be involved.  Once we authorize payment our bank releases the conveyance to us and sends a cashier’s check back to your bank to credit your account.

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